Update and Thank You from the NAAAD Board


October 2, 2015

The Board of Directors of the Native American Alumni Association of Dartmouth College (“NAAAD Board”) would like to commend Dartmouth College for its prompt and conscientious response to our concerns surrounding the hiring of Dr. Susan Taffe Reed, and for its decision to remove Dr. Taffe Reed from her position as Director of the Native American Program (“NAP”).

While the hiring of Dr. Taffe Reed has drawn negative media attention toward the College and brought its reputation into question, the College’s response to this complex and delicate situation demonstrates its ability to effectively educate and support the next generation of Native American leaders.

Additionally, the NAAAD Board would like to applaud the College for taking the time to consult with, and listen to, the concerns of the NAAAD Board, Native American Students at Dartmouth (“NAD”), alumni, faculty, and staff, as well as the tribes that opposed the hiring of Dr. Taffe Reed. This consultation and subsequent decision allows the College to reassert itself as a leading voice in the education of Native Americans students.

Until a new NAP Director is hired, the NAAAD Board will work closely with Interim Undergraduate Dean, Jeremy Guardiola, and NAP Program Coordinator, Kianna Burke to encourage alumni engagement with the College and support student enrichment. This relationship is vital to ensuring the well-being of its Native American students.

The NAAAD Board remains hopeful that the College will continue to work closely with NAAAD in an effort to promote the best interests of the NAD community­­­.



NAAAD Board Members

Download the statement here.

Below is the statement shared with students regarding the NAP Director’s removal:

From: Vice Provost for Student Affairs <Vice.Provost.for.Student.Affairs@dartmouth.edu>
Date: Thursday, October 1, 2015 at 3:53 PM
To: Vice Provost for Student Affairs <Vice.Provost.for.Student.Affairs@dartmouth.edu>
Subject: A Message from the Vice Provost for Student Affairs

Dear Students,

I’m writing to let you know that effective today, Susan Taffe Reed will not continue to serve as Director of the Native American Program. We recognize that the distraction of media coverage and questions about her appointment have been challenging for all of you. While Susan remains an employee of the College, we have made other arrangements to support the Native American Program going forward.

You are and have been our top priority. With mid-terms rapidly approaching, I want to be sure that you have easy access to the full range of support resources we can offer you. I have asked my Student Affairs team to partner with NAP Program Coordinator Kianna Burke and Interim Undergraduate Dean Jeremy Guardiola ’12 as your primary contacts for academic, personal and program support this term. Dean Guardiola, as you may know, served the College for two years as a Presidential Fellow and has supported the FYSEP program since its inception in 2009. Recognizing that your individual needs may vary, Kianna and Jeremy will be reaching out to you individually and collectively to ensure that you know we are here for you as the term unfolds. They will both be available to you in the NAP suite in Robinson starting tomorrow.

You have all been extraordinary during this very difficult time. Please don’t hesitate to stay in touch, and please know that our focus will always be on your academic and personal success.


Inge-Lise Ameer

Vice Provost for Student Affairs

Message from Drew Ryce ’74

Please see the following message from Drew Ryce ’74 to the Native community:

I was saddened to hear that our good friend and co-conspirator Bobby Onco has passed over. Although never a student at Dartmouth, Bobby had close ties to several of us in the Class of 1974 as well as the Native Community in NYC. We lived together and formed a close community. When Bobby was facing FBI harassment following Wounded Knee he turned to us and found refuge.

He was a terrific man and will be missed.

I look at the photo and find it hard to remember we were ever this young,

Drew Ryce ‘74

2014 Powwow Weekend

A quick reminder of the message from the NAAAD Board on upcoming Dartmouth Powwow Programming:

Happy Spring!  Dartmouth’s Powwow Weekend is coming up in two weeks and NAAAD has some activities planned to kick off the weekend!  You are officially invited to attend the Annual NAAAD Meeting on Friday, May 9 at 3:30PM to 5:30PM EDT, the day before powwow. The meeting will be in the Rockefeller Center on Dartmouth Campus, in the Class of 1930s Room.

Immediately following the meeting, please join us for a “Pre-Powwow” catered dinner at the NAD House at 6:00PM. If you happen to be on campus for either of these events, we encourage you to attend!  The Annual Meeting will also be broadcast online.  If you cannot join us in Hanover, we cordially invite you to join us remotely.  Please RSVP the NAAAD email account or reply to this email with your name and email address. We will email you back with call-in details.
Some highlights from our tentative agenda include:
  • Welcoming our newly elected board members
  • Approving the slate for a new set of board officers
  • NAAAD year in review
  • Campus climate discussion and updates
  • Call to action for dues/volunteers and more.

Soon after the annual meeting you can expect a newsletter introducing our new board members and a re-cap of the year. In the coming weeks we will launch our annual dues campaign.

We look forward to connecting with you either in person or online!

The NAAAD Board

Welcome to NAAAD


The NAAAD Board is proud to bring a newly designed website with greater functionality to our membership.  This is the central location for news, information and updates for our community – explore our site and feel free to leave comments.  If you are interested in helping us with efforts to keep in touch with the NAAAD alumni body, please email naaad@alum.dartmouth.org to volunteer on the newly developed Communications Committee.  Thank you!